Extra Life 2019


Hi everyone!

This is my 7th year raising money for the children’s hospital. I will be dedicating 24 hours with thousands of other gamers across the world, to support our local children’s hospitals. This was started in memory of a little girl from Texas that fought hard, and this is her legacy. A local DJ contacted a gaming group to send in games to give her, and other kids fighting hard, something to do during long hospital stays. And that is how Extra Life was born! I am proud to support this cause! And thank you all for your support, LIKEs and SHARES!


Click on this link to donate to support the Children’s Hospital!

If you would like to view the video that tells Victoria’s Story…here it is.

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Geek and Sundry TableTop Plays The Resistance

This is the video I was telling everyone about. The YouTube channel Geek and Sundry played The Resistance back in 2013. Watching this video gives a good overview of the rules and what happens when you play The Resistance. I thought it was really entertaining. I was rooting for the SPIES…And…it has NOTHING to do with who the Spies were! Ok, maybe it did. Check it out to see who wins!

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Extra Life 2018

This is the Gaming Marathon we participate in every year for the last 5 years! This will be our 6th year. This is not your traditional marathon. For this marathon, my friends and I have set aside tomorrow, November 3rd, as a day to fundraise for our local Children’s hospitals, by doing what we love – Playing Games. What makes it a marathon is, we are going to do it for 24 hours! And you are invited! (You don’t have to stay for 24 hours.) 🙂

But first, a little about our team. Our team consists of, myself & my son (playing for Children’s Specialized Hospital of NJ), Tony M (TX children’s hospital), Chris P (VA children’s hospital), Lou S, Howard N, and Larry D (all playing for Children’s Specialized Hospital of NJ). This year, we have one member participating from home, and one member flying in from TEXAS for the event!

Here is our schedule and some details. We would love it if you could stop by and say hello, and offer support and encouragement! We will have a way on site for you to support the hospitals with your tax-deductible donation! (There is also a way to donate at the bottom of this e-mail.)

Innovation Fitness Solutions in Butler has been generous enough to have hosted us for all 6 years. The website is http://www.innovationfitnesssolutions.com/. (The mobile version of the site appears down right now, so make sure you either go to the site on a desktop, or visit there Facebook page).
The address is:
1574 Rt 23 North
Butler, NJ 07405

Here is a rough schedule:

We will start to set up around 6:00PM on Friday. I’m blocking out 6-8pm for set up. During that time, we will be setting up the tables and network. I also plan on building an enclosure for games called Artemis Bridge and Star Trek Bridge Crew. We will be setting up at least one VR station for visitors to try out. We plan on being available for the visitors to stop by and see what we are up to, and try out the equipment until about 10pm. Then we will lock down for the night and head home for rest. We will start up again at 8:00am.

On Saturday, we start up at 8:00. We don’t usually schedule the games in advance. We usually just play whatever everyone wants to play for the moment. We break for lunch usually around 2, and dinner around 7-8. Besides those times, we will be gaming. We have several video games to play, as well as card, board, and tabletop games. You are welcome to join us in any game. We can help you learn and try out games you may have never heard of before.

We will play games until the early hours of the morning. Some folks will take a brake around 4am. Then we start moving again around 6:00-6:30. Keep in mind, this is the day everyone gets an extra hour of sleep, but not us.

We play the “clean up game” from 7:00-8:00am. When everything is packed up, we usually head to a diner for a wrap up. Again…if you are around, you are welcome to join us for breakfast!
And that is how our event usually runs. You can pop in virtually or in person. We would love it if you could stop by and support us and the hospital! We would like to make this year a record year!!!

You can support me by clicking here: Support JOHN PEZZINO
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How To Donate With FlexFund

If you have the FlexFund, you can donate to the Children’s Miracle Network Nationwide, and have the check sent directly to the charity using the FlexFund.

Search for : Childrens Miracle Network Nationwide

The address will be:
205 West 700 South
Salt Lake City, UT – 84101

Then fill out the amount. In order for me to get credit, please put this in the Special Instructions box.
Please credit this to participant #298952.

That’s all there is to it. Let me know you have done it. It can take up to three weeks for the donation to show up. If it doesn’t show up, I will follow up with the charity.

Thank you for your support! It really makes a difference!

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Extra Life 2018

Another year, another Extra Life! This is my sixth year! Over the previous five years, we have raised almost $15,000 #ForTheKids! 100% of your donation for this event go to the hospital, so you don’t have to worry about fees or other expenses cutting into what you give. With that in mind, it doesn’t matter if you can give $100,or just $1, every little bit goes to help! Thank you for your support!!!!!

Click HERE to support my marathon now!

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