Happy 2017

Hi everyone,
I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2017!
On the calendar for this year, we have:

  • Several Movies,
  • MagFest,
  • Dreamation,
  • FITES,
  • REGeneration Who,
  • Vintage Computer Festival,
  • Astronomy Expo,
  • Shore Leave and DEXCON are the same weekend!,
  • And then nothing until Extra Life on November 4th.

Be sure to check the calendar or forum for more info.

See ya soon,

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  1. Digger[NJLP]

    Happy New Year and Maximus VII!
    Thanks for all the work on the site! Looks good!

    Not sure how “regional” MAGFest is or is not. But I have not heard of any of the guests or the bands. Still looks like an interesting event. Scarily considering the fact that I am old and the bands and guests listed, are in fact “celebrities” in their respective industry.

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